jane wilson




janeHi, my name is Jane Wilson.  I am a freelance photographer living in the Riverland, South Australia, with my husband Paul and kids Abbey and Jack.


My love for photography was influenced by watching my dad take photos and the time we spent together creating wonderful images in his homemade darkroom.


I don't like to admit it but all of those years I endured watching Dad's endless slideshows had a positive impact on me!


Although I had always enjoyed photography as a hobby, I did not become a professional photographer until I was in my forties.  How lucky was I to turn my hobby into my job?  Better late than never!


Many photographers specialise in one genre of photography however,  I prefer to mix things up and give anything a go.  Never knowing what I will shoot from one day to the next is exciting and helps me stay passionate about what I do!


I love it when I capture those special, unstaged moments….. a quick kiss on the forehead, the adoring look of a proud parent or a cheeky giggle from a small child as he shares a secret.  The possibilities are endless and I feel it is a privilege when I am asked to capture these special times.


Although it is important to take time in composing an image, for me, the real magic happens in post production.  There’s nothing better than the feeling I get when I turn a somewhat ordinary photo into something extraordinary!

I like to keep things real and offer value for money. People often ask why I don't charge more for wedding shoots.  The truth is that all of my clients are just as important as each other.  Whether I am shooting a wedding, a business or kid's birthday party, I always put the customer first and we ususally have some fun along the way!